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 Hello POLO Mag is anyone having more time  it takes to find new polo videos on the net I mean real polo not all the other ..noise..anyway here are some ones I have found thouht you like to share them with everyone





The Anglo Argentine Polo Project is dedicated to helping polo enthusiasts from all over the world to visit Argentina, learn the game and dive into the culture of one of the world's most appealing sports. Polo programs are designed to suit the needs of a wide audience: from the accommodation to the dates, to the horses and the teachers, to the food and the entertainment. Everything is thought out with vitality in mind. Visit us at www.angloargentinepolo.com.ar






Music: 'Ritmo Caliente' by Tim Devine (ASCAP) / Teresa Mendoza


Cambiaso!! I dont need to know what he is saying I just love listening to him.. I just love him!!! Don't you!!



Livingpolotv is great check it out!!


Ill send more when I find Thanks POLO Magazine!!