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UK Season 2007 Guards Polo Club Queen's Cup Semifinals 2007

The Queen's Cup has already a new Champion. On Sunday, Loro Piana beat Ellerston White 12-11 in OT, with a golden goal by Juan Martin Nero, through a penalty shot, in what was a great match, with Loro Piana only giving away the first chukka, which ended 2-1 for Ellerston. Since then on, and led by an awesome performance by David "Pelon" Stirling, Loro Piana went all the way to get their first big title. But in the last chukka, Ellerston could level the action, until Facundo Pieres scored an awesome goal to take the game to extra time.
Previously, Talandracas beat Les Lions 7-6, and won the Subsidiary Vivari Cup.