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HolAmpurdan January 2017

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Dear friends,
The "HolAmpurdán Newsletter" presents its fifth edition and thanks that we have together in 2016.The 2017 is full of laughter, prosperity and above all to enjoy acocktail with abundant health, a fresh salad of success, and a sweetcake of happiness. Fasten your seatbelts to enjoy this new year, we hope in the Empordà land !. Hazle click the video.
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Amember of the Board of CP Ampurdan representing the club went to themeeting of the Royal Spanish Federation of Polo held in Madrid. Itanalyzed the year from pole in 2016, and charted the course to follow by2017. Web: www.rfepolo.org
Also, one of our players and organizers of femenio polo in Spain, Eva Campos, did an interview for the annual magazine of the Real Club de Polo of Barcelona. More info: Pag 52 , Page 53
This month, our club in the British magazine in the world of Polo, the "Polo Times" published our tournament "Cup 2016 Friends II" in the December issue.
To end the year, December 31 , the club organized the first tournament St. Silvester Arena Polo Cup. POLO NON STOP!
Three teams with local and French players enjoyed the last day of the year playing polo. Do not miss the 25 and 26 February the Carnival Arena Polo Championship.
                                                                                                                                                        Fotos: Claudia Quintana
This year we prepare in many other ways, players recomedaron us these other stretches. What you choose?
The most expensive horse of history is the "Fusaichi Pegasus" Kentucky Derby winner sold for 70 million dollars, ended his career with a record of six wins and two defeats by winning a total of close to 2 million.
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This month we have had enough movement in Panorama 1526. They have become our dear friends Muyayo Rif to finish mixing their latest album. Stay tuned because it comes out soon and it will be a bombshell ... 
We have also had the privilege of recording the last of GG. Neosoul a band composed of top - notch musicians. Really you do not know ?. Check out their website: www.ggmusica.com
And that's not all ... I still gave us time to record a video promoting the study.                                        
Our friend Paul Yupton, finished recording his album in our studio. Now you can listen to your music on Spotify click them to hear one of their songs.   The City of Quartz
Fotos: Pablo Campos
Madonna, every time you visit a hotel requests that the toilet of your bathroom is changed. In addition, orders it to bedestroyed later, not going to be that we sell that artwork ... Wewonder: what will every time you go to a cinema, a bar, or a restaurant?
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 publicó un artículo donde expone que Mas Bosch 1526 será un nuevo hotel a finales del 2017. La Comisión de Urbanismo ha dado el visto bueno al proyecto de rehabilitación de la antigua masia fortificada para hacer un establecimiento de unas 15 habitaciones. Mas info.
Vistas Panorámicas de Mas Bosch 1526  (diciembre, 2016).  
Fotos: Claudia Quintana y Pablo Campos
El Jacuzzi fue inventado a principios del siglo XX, por la familia italoamericana Jacuzzi que inventó unas bombas de agua para uso industrial. Debido a que uno de los niños de la familia tenía artritis, desarrollaron una bomba especial para el baño. 
Si quieres compartir alguna historia interesante de esta gran familia para nuestra HolAmpurdán, no lo dudes y escríbenos a nuestro email.
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