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2018 U.S. Open Women's Polo Championship™

presented by

Land Rover Houston Centraland David Yurman

What an exciting week of women's polo. We have successfully put the 24th annual HPC women's tournament in the books. This year boasted 91 female polo players, 5 tournament levels, the kickoff party and fashion show at St. Regis, Houston, a player appreciation event hosted by the Kellys and co-hosted by Stick&Ball at Pecan Acres, and too many awards and gifts to count.This amazing tournament was co-sponsored by Land Rover Houston Central and David Yurman.

Tiamo Hudspeth running to goal, Bridget Price in pursuit 

The week kicked off with the US Open Women's Polo Championship™ playing its first and second round games to decide who would get to play in the finals on Sunday. Last year's finalist Rocking P, still looking like a polo powerhouse, was the first team to move to the finals. Newcomer, Midland Polo Club, upset the higher rated BTA team to claim the finalist spot for themselves. 

As soon as the Open finalists were set, the US Open Women's Polo Handicap tournament kicked off their first round of games. Unfortunately wet weather hit the Houston area, so the Handicap, Farish, Bayou and WCT Junior level games changed plans and moved to the arena.  It was the definition of making lemonade out of lemons.  Thanks to the Brookshire Polo Arena, the players, grooms, coaches, all came together to make the arena work and have one of the best tournaments that could have happened.

Lottie Lamacraft going for a hook on Izzy Parsons

To close out the weekend, one field in the entire Houston area, was dry enough to host the final of the US Open Women's Polo Championship.  Rocking P came out hungry to reclaim the title which they had lost in 2017.  Midland Polo Club (MPC) contained Rocking P first the half, keeping the score close.  However in the third chukker the Open MVP Hazel Jackson, took control of the game and gave Rocking P a large lead over MPC.  MPC kept the pressure on for the fourth chukker, but the Rocking P lead was too large. Rocking P ended the game with the score of 10 - 2 over MPC to take home the title of the 2018 winners of the US Open Women's Polo Championship™.

All players and staff cannot be more grateful for the facilities at the Brookshire Polo arena and fields and Tonkawa farms. Without them this tournament would not have been possible!

2018 US Open Women's Polo Champions:Rocking P

Bridget Price, Courtney Price, Tiva Gross, Lottie Lamacraft, Hazel Jackson
pictured with Circuit Governor Paul Jornayvaz, Nene Soumare from David Yurman, Jason Lacher from Land Rover Houston Central, and Governor at Large Steven Armour

MVP: Hazel Jackson, pictured with USPA Southwestern Circuit Governor Paul Jornayvaz, Jason Lacher from Land Rover Houston Central, Vinnie Meyer from Texas Polo, Nene Soumare from David Yurman, and USPA Governor at Large Steven ArmourBest Playing Pony for a professional:Maxima, owned by Marcos Villanueva played by Hazel Jackson pictured with Dr. DeCillo of DeCillo Equine Clinic, Marcos Villanueva, and Marcos CaldasBest Playing Pony for an amateur:  Emma, owned and played by Courtney Price, pictured with Dr. DeCillo of DeCillo Equine Clinic and Jose Roman

2018 U.S. Open Women's Handicap

Out of 9 teams in the Handicap, the two finalists Sullivan Group and EEW Steel Trading battled it out for first place. The crowd was on the edge of their seats, as the Handicap MVP, Sullivan Group's Marissa Wells scored a 2-point shot in the last thirty seconds to break the tie and win the game.  It was an incredible game to watch!

2018 US Open Women's Handicap Champions:Sullivan Group

Joanie Jackson, Megan Rahlfs, Melissa Wells, Kelly Wells
pictured with Governor at Large Steven Armour and Nene Soumare from David Yurman

MVP: Marissa Wells pictured with Nene SoumareBest Playing Pony for a professional: Nikita, played by Marissa Wells, owned by Nick Cifuni with Steven Armor and Nene SoumareBest Playing Pony for an amateur: Jackie, owned and played by Megan Rahlfs with Steven Armor and Peter Cooper from Crave CupcakesAQHA Best Playing Pony was awarded to Cash, owned and played by Carol Farnsworth pictured with Kristy OuthierAQHA Best Playing Pony was awarded to Taxi, owned and played by Kendall Plank pictured with Kristy Outhier

2018 Farish Cup Invitational

The Farish Cup's final game had the same amount of excitement, with a tied game going into the last thirty seconds of the last chukker, Texas SBA's Susan Wise found the goal for her team, to take home first place! Both teams showed great sportsmanship after a well fought game.

2018 Farish Cup Invitational Champions:Texas SBA

Susan Wise, Melissa Stryker, Liz Lary, Julia Florey
pictured with Governor at Large Steven Armour and Jason Lacher from Land Rover Houston Central

MVP: Susan Wise pictured with Steven Armor, Miri Sanchez with Engel & Völkers, and Jason LacherBest Playing Pony: Dot, owned and played by Brandey Heckeroth, pictured with CJ Lequerica, HPC Delegate Steven Armour, and the Bogart Family from The Sands Farm

2018 Bayou City Cup

The 2018 Bayou Cup ended in a tie between the 3 teams. But the players had the once in a lifetime opportunity to play with Nina Clarkin, the only woman rated at 10 goals in women's handicaps in the world.

2018 Bayou City Cup:St. Regis, Engel&Völkers, Crave

KC Krueger, Lauren Levicki-Courville, Tammy BeesonLucy Coddington, Holly Vu, Stacey SommervilleIris Webre, Jennifer Klein, Nina Clarkin

MVP:  Holly Vu pictured with Barlee FlandersBest Playing Pony:  Bucket, played by Iris Webre and owned by Mark Prinsloo, pictured with groom Jerry

2018 WCT Junior Invitational

The young players of the WCT Junior game showed incredible talent as they battled it out for two chukkers. It was a great game to watch as David Yurman came out victorious.

2018 WCT Junior Invitational:David Yurman

Lily Lequerica and Quinn Vanderhoven(Dani Price and Joanie Jackson not pictured)
pictured with Governor at Large Steven Armour and Jason Lacher from Land Rover Houston Central

MVP: Abby Benton pictured with Steven Armor and Jason LacherBest Playing Pony: Taquito, played by Quinn Vanderhoeven owned by Mark Prinsloo with Steven Armor, Tammy Livingston from Belles and Buds, and Jason Lacher

Vaulting Lessons

Houston Polo Club offers vaulting lessons, both group and private. Simply defined, it is gymnastics on horseback. It strengthens the core, leg, and arm muscles, much like yoga or gymnastics. It requires a certain level of flexibility, and building up to that level will benefit many aspects of your every day life. Vaulting also develops the core balance needed for the vaulter to hold positions on the back of the horse while in motion.This core balance is essential to any rider, regardless of discipline.Vaulting is amazing for young students and adults alike. Private vaulting slots are typically open for early Sunday mornings or early Saturday afternoons.Contact Paige Luplow (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to set up a private lesson, or discuss if group lessons are appropriate.

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