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Confusing Future.

By Ron Allen

With only seven weeks remaining in the Florida high goal season there is an abundance of polo being played right now. Fourteen teams are playing in two 20 goal tournaments and only four teams are competing in the 26 goal.

Looking ahead to the 2019 season, the future looks complicated at best. It will be the final year of the tournament contract between the International Polo Club and the United States Polo Association. Last year the USPA spent tens of thousands of dollars on researching the goal level for the future. In the fall they voted to lower the three 26 goal events to 22 goals. It was not a popular decision among some patrons and the polo community in general.

Two of the biggest patrons in american high goal have decided to go their separate way next year and continue with 26 goal polo in spite of the association plan to only have 22 goal tournaments. the cash rich uspa can’t compete with the powerful patrons who refuse to go along with the changes. the association is ineffectual and powerless in creating a solution. meanwhile, the international polo club will be stuck in the middle.