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UPDATED: 2018 Polo Handicap Changes

FIP-Game-4-USA-vs-England web 19-600x400
Jesse Bray. Photo courtesy of the United States Polo Association.

The United States Polo Association has released its changes in handicaps for 2018. Most notably:

Diego Cavanagh 8 to 9
Matias Magrini 8 to 7
Tomas Garcia Del Rio 8 to 7
Paco De Narvaez 8 to 7
Julian D. Lusarreta 7 to 8
Santi Torres 7 to 6
Raul Colombres 6 to 7
Adam Snow 6 to 5

Jesse Bray 5 to 6
Felipe Vercellino 5 to 6
Felipe Viana 5 to 6

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