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We are delighted with the by now recurring appointment with La Martina in partnership with Maserati: the "Dubai Polo Trophy", second leg of the Maserati Polo Tour, a series of thrilling polo matches held over the weekend having as a field the suggestive Dubai Desert Palm Polo Club.

Symbol of the partnership between La Martina and Maserati, the limited edition Polo Shirt Maserati Polo Tour SpecialEdition Dubai, worn on the field for the first time on such an exclusive occasion. This shirt, due to its peculiar features and captivating design, can be beautifully worn as a sportswear garment on and off the polo field. Herewith the high resolution pictures of the La Martina Polo Shirt and of the Dubai Polo event.

Hoping the news will be of your interest.

Best regards

Cristina Galluppi, Francesca Salamina
La Martina


p-r-la-martina-and-maserati-dubai-polo-trophy-2017 2 polomagazine.jpg


p-r-la-martina-and-maserati-dubai-polo-trophy-2017 3 polomagazine.jpg


polo 1000x666.6 p-r-la-martina-and-maserati-dubai-polo-trophy-2017 4 polomagazine.jpg