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SILVER CUP 2014 hp 6 – 10

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 La Mimosa The winner

The Argentario Polo Club first International Polo Tournament ended with the victory of the team La


Four teams from Poland, Hungary and Italy fighted for the title creating matches fought until the

last second.

The Argentinian professional players have raised the level of the game and thrilled the audience.

In the final day of the tournament the Team La Mimosa defeated the team Enira/Cassiopeia getting

the victory with the score of 7 to 6. The best scorer Juan Manuel Gonzales (13 goals) made the


The International Polo tournaments will continue from 24th

will be attended by 8 teams coming from all Europe



Thursday 24 July

h. 4,30 p.m. Argentario Polo Club vs Enira/Cassiopeia

h. 5,30 p.m. Rinidia Polo Team vs Bardon Polo Team

h. 6,30 p.m. The Tides vs Nipas Polo Team

Friday 25 July

h. 5,30 p.m. Match 1

h. 6,30 p.m. La Mimosa vs La Celina

Saturday 26 July

h. 4,30 p.m. Match 1

h. 5,30 p.m. Semifinal Coppa D'Oro

h. 6,30 Semifinal Coppa D'Oro

Sunday 27 July

h. 3,30 p.m. Final 3° - 4° place Comune di Monte Argentario Cup

h. 4,30 p.m. Final Comune di Monte Argentario Cup

h. 5,30 p.m. Final 3° - 4° place Coppa d'Oro 2014

h. 7,00 p.m. Final Coppa D'Oro 2014

Prize Giving

Results of the matches on website: www.argentariopoloclub.com section polo