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USA Polo Team vs. Columbia Polo Team Scottsdale 2012

10/20/2012 Scottsdale Polo Championships: Horses and Horsepower

 This was such a fabulous event!...I loved every second of every minute!...Not only the speed, agility, athleticism  and thundering hooves of the fast and furious Polo Matches...but the fun along the sidelines as well..."People Watching!"  There were three matches, “USA vs. Columbia,” “Work to Ride vs. Harvard,” and “Bellaire vs. The Hamptons.”  There was a Divot Stomp for each of the 3 matches, so there was plenty of fast paced action...and a lot of FUN!


This was Scottsdale's 2nd year to host this event, and in 2011, they had 2300-2700 guests to attend...this year 9,188...so one can only guess what next year will hold!


USA Polo Team Colombia Polo team

USA vs. Columbia

Story and Photography by Rebecca L. Welter

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