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INSIDE POLO with Ron Allen


The polo patrons are the backbone of high goal polo in America. Here’s a look at the four team captains who will be leading their teams into battle in the semi-finals of this years event.



Coca Cola’s Gillian Johnson (1) is the 36-year-old daughter of former Coca Cola Chairman of the Board, Summerfield Johnston. Gillian is a third generation player who first played in the Open in 1999. She won it in 2003 and lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Gillian plays summer polo on the family ranch in Wyoming.



Valiente’s Bob Jornayvaz (0) lives in Denver, Colorado and is Chairman of the Board of Intrepid Potash, a mining company in Utah. Bob owns a polo club in Colorado and also competes in Argentina. Bob lost to his son, Robert, in last years Gold Cup finals.


Zacara’s Lyndon Lea (1) is the 44-year-old founder of Lion Capitol. The English born financier won the U.S. Open last year. Zacara is the only team in the Open with the same players as last year. His team won the Gold Cup in England in 2011.


ERG’s Scott Wood (0) of Houston, Texas is the President of ERG Resources, a petroleum company in Texas and California. He’s a 25-year veteran in the oil industry. Scott also plays polo in Houston and California. His team almost upset Zacara in last years semi-finals.


Ron Allen is also a reporter for PoloLine.TV and ESPN