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2017 Cartier Queen's Cup

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RH Polo beat La Indiana in a thrilling match at the Cartier Queen’s Cup on Sunday 18th June 2017

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The biggest names in the sport of polo were in action yesterday on the Queen’s Ground at Guards Polo Club, Windsor Great Park in a bid to win the prestigious Cartier Queen’s Cup 2017.

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One of the most prestigious and renowned events of the British sporting calendar, hosted by Laurent Feniou, Managing Director Cartier Ltd, watched alongside a strong crowd of polo aficionados and illustrious guests, was played out on Sunday. The summit of the day was the exhilarating play for the Queen’s Cup between Ben Soleimani’s RH Polo and Michael Bickford’s La Indiana.

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RH Polo, featuring the World’s Number One Player, Adolfo Cambiaso, who was looking for his 10th Queen’s Cup victory, started strongly and were 6-3 ahead at half-time. Although it was Cambiaso’s team-mate, 21-year-old Tommy Beresford, later named the Cartier Most Valuable Player, who stood out in this game, playing with a maturity well beyond his years and handicap.

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La Indiana were equally competitive, but failed to convert some beautiful play into goals. That changed in the second half, with Agustin Merlos and Nic Roldan scoring five goals in as many minutes, giving La Indiana the lead for the first time. But Cambiaso, who has been inspired in this year’s tournament playing for a new patron, kept his cool as the clock counted down and fired through the winning shot as the bell rang out to mark the end of the match. One of Cambiaso’s impressive string of ponies, Caraquenia, was later named Cartier Best Playing Pony.

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“The Polo players’ passion and commitment are very akin to the values of Cartier. Our Maison is proud to celebrate this distinctive relationship with polo and the legacy built up over 30 years” Laurent Feniou, Managing Director of Cartier UK.

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Cartier has a long-standing tradition of supporting polo for over 30 years and is delighted to continue its involvement in the prestigious high-goal Queen’s Cup tournament. To mirror the impressive talent on the field, Cartier invited guests from the worlds of stage, screen, sport, society, and literature into the Cartier enclosure, welcoming them to the elegant reception, serving Cartier champagne and a lunch created by Cellar Society.
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Guests started with Goat’s Curd with Wiltshire Black Truffle, Zucchini Flower Beignets, Regent’s Park Truffle Honey followed by Roast Fillet of Hereford Beef, Chargrilled Summer Vegetables, Minted Peas & Anya Potatoes and finished on a sweet note with Hedgerow Berry Pavlova, Whipped Jersey Cream and Fresh Mint.

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The enclosure was transformed into a quintessentially colorful ‘English Garden’ with beautiful floral creations; with shades of soft lilac Sweet peas and Aliums, Blue Delphiniums and Clematis, Soft and hot pinks Roses and over 1000 Peonies with a thread of pale green Thyme and Hydrangea throughout.

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The afternoon finished with DJ Hugo Heathcote, accompanied with unique performances by saxophonist Ben Barnett and percussionist Tom Carr, followed by internationally renowned DJ Mark Ronson.

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Guests of Note: Miss Lara Stone, Miss Caroline Winberg, Miss Jessica Hart, Miss Lily Cole, Mr Mark Ronson Skepta, Miss Candice Lake, Mr Nicholas Kirkwood, Mr Marcus Wareing, Lady Kitty Spencer, Miss Katie Keight, Lady Alice & Lady Violet, Miss Manners, Miss Genevieve Gaunt, Miss Tori Cook, Mr Hugo Heathcote, Ms Jilly Copper, Mr Malcolm Borwick, Mr Eduardo Novillo Astrada, Mr Facundo Pieres700065097 AJ 5821 BF7AC236FCE1FB5A7303AC818B2D2B82700065097 AJ 5830 AA38B0321CB89594865419D156FAD6A9700065097 AJ 5834 5AC367E60517C26FD48B933646366A90700065097 AJ 5836 73D292378E7DBC08434D6E0C9A6E6CE1700065097 AJ 5838 66D6F868DDC1398C6B3A28B807B55E06700065097 AJ 9172 EEC1941FB74282B99B49135484F1561A700065097 AJ 5840 B14CAA83B9D416F068BAA189F43AAF7E700065097 AJ 9266 DC0B6C9DC8020D34B9C52536A92FEA43700065097 AJ 5841 53468CF67B6BF82E8B5F5E7BB4EB59FB700065097 AJ 5843 D676CDF10C5A36F3A32A6F9FF8E879F7700065097 AJ 5849 8455E015BA0A1CB5EA7FE309F66E9075700065097 AJ 5855 53DDAFCDB85A08E96FFDE4C9472FC216